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Mini projekt - Identity of stations

The aim of this project is to point out to various ways of travelling, functions of stations in the landscape of our towns and cities as well as their esthetical qualities. By doing this project, we would like to promote the idea of conscious, responsible travelling.

Students in particular partner countries during their field activities took pictures of different means of transport typical of a given country and region and buildings of stations; not only modern ones but also those which have fallen into a decline or have been forgotten.

As a result, the exhibition of photographs was held during the international meeting of all partner schools as well as in particular schools.

Romania - Working on the Mini project „Identity of stations”.

During the English classes, students created Power-Point presentations with various information about the stations in Suceava as a result of their work in the miniproject. Students participating in the international meeting will select the representative photos of the Stations of our town and will create a Power-Point presentation with information about every photo.

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March 2012

The main points of the work on the mini-project "Identity of Stations" was summarized at the meeting in Aguimes (Canary Island/Spain). The students under the supervision of teachers prepared the exhibition of photography in the Institute of Culture in Agumes. They also discussed the effects of their work on the forum.

Also, a video conference was held at the workshops, where students from a Greek school, which could not participate in the meeting for formal reasons, presented their own project "Identity of Stations".

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The exhibition "Identity of stations" was on in all partner schools in March 2012.

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